Interviews are stressful, whether you’re fresh out of school, or a seasoned developer looking for a new role. Read on to get some advice on how to prepare.
I was talking yesterday to a friend of mine and he is looking for a new job. I stressed to him that looking for a new job in the tech industry should be treated as a serious business. It involves making a plan, reviewing computer science academy basic algorithms, fine-tuning your resume, and practicing logical questions and programming questions.
Now, although this is a serious game, we at developers at rest, think that developers should rest, therefore an inherent part of our plan is not to work your brain too much and to also take time to relax.
In this step, we are going to cover how to go about planning your interview study guide.
With that, we’ll conclude our advice on planning for programming interviews. In the next post, we are going to go through step number 1 which is to list computer science algorithms and data structures topics to study. Follow us there and leave a comment if you have any question or issue!

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