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‘Pokeland’ Announced For Android and iPhone, Currently Being Tested in Japan


Pokeland is a new mobile game for the Pokemon franchise. It is currently being tested in Japan.
A new Pokemon mobile game from The Pokemon Company was announced called Pokeland.
Pokeland is a continuation of the Pokemon Rumble series, where you collect toy versions of pokemon and battle other toy pokemon while exploring. The game has entered alpha testing in Japan on Android devices from today until June 9,2017. The test includes 134 pokemon to find, 52 stages, and 15 floors of the Champion Tower. The test has reached the maximum number of participants but The Pokemon Company have confirmed that more testing positions should open up in the future. The game will be coming to both Android and iOS devices.
Not much is known about the game, but we do know that you can use your Nintendo Account to use and move the same save data on multiple systems and you can use the Mii character that you used when registering your account. You can’ t play one set of game data with multiple accounts. The game is online only. You can find pokemon in the game by using a detector which can only be used once every 30 minutes. You can also power up pokemon with P and Gears, the former of which is collected from clearing stages and opening treasure boxes and the latter is collected from opening treasure boxes and handing over pokemon to a professor at the Event Facility.
This isn’ t the only pokemon game for mobile devices. Pokemon Go from Niantic took the world by storm last year with its gameplay allowing trainers to catch pokemon in the real world. Pokemon Shuffle, previously released for the Nintendo 3DS, is a game where you complete sliding block puzzles to battle pokemon. Pokemon Magikarp Jump is a recently released game where you train a Magikarp to be the best jumper in the land.
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