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Questions arise around FBI Director Comey's firing Video


ABC News’ Maggie Rulli and Ali Rogin break down the last 24 hours in Washington, D. C., since news broke of Comey’s firing.
Hey Maggie really here live on Capitol Hill alongside our congressional producer Alley wrote and gonna break it down for us what happened in the past 24 hours Alley it has been. A duty to save at least here on Capitol Hill in almost in the White House all over Washington. With in the end Maggie me as drinking caffeine and pick off. Day today last night is just wild. Last night around. 9 o’clock we started getting. Actually broken Mallory John Karl that. FBI director James cone he had been fired and now. The reason is I’m sorry we’re kind of them. We all immediately started thinking you know mind this is someone here. Has been on an overtime director somebody who was accused by Democrats and interfering. In the election by announcing that the FB I was invest in the Clinton Campaign. Extreme robberies private email server and so. The fact that trump please packing and cleaning need to do we deal under investigation my ill the campaign is going on to the questionable wild isn’t it higher calling. The reason lies the White House that was because well. All the citizens of problem. The new deputy attorney general wrote a letter to terms saying. This guy economy has just. Another kind of freelancing. But up until a certain point trump had been embracing the fact that its treatment. It was a very. Sudden abrupt thing you’ve got a lot of Democrats are now asking questions about. Why exactly was inspired why the timing being evidence arguing until it. What’s a good what you make Alley because. Anyone that’s been paid attention to news has heard the name James Komi popping up now for well over a year you brought up an investigation into Clinton emails and that was. Making headlines all over the place during the campaign. So why now like you asked this question it’s a question that’s been reiterated an Allen Capitol Hill. Throughout the past 24 hours. What has been the biggest problem for people isn’t that timing isn’t the way that the firing happened what you’ve been hearing here on capitol. The timing and the reason. Two big questions on tie. This something you can’t present intra green schemes coming for being publicly speaking Clinton keep him kisses during the campaign when lot got out. Panel doesn’t buyers so. Keep it that company is investigating and at a few weeks ago when testifying here. Also eating. The ministry and its ties to brash. So of course a lot of Democrats started immediately he’s getting the very best. People. And that’s what this about it’s really not about what he did to Clinton. Which this letter. Provided some cover for all this is my deputy attorney general told me. There floor this admired him Democrats immediately calling amount thing. Well if you thought that now why didn’t you hire him on inauguration. So what you’re saying is that they are Democrats immediately keeping an administration. Equipment primary. Republicans are part many Republicans thing. Inspiring at this time its recent questions using that term administration needs to. Accounting. Why. 31 just checking us out Maggie really here for ABC and digital along side Alley wrote her congressional producer Al even breaking down. Everything that’s been happening in the past 24 hours the White House deciding to fire FBI director James Komi citing reasons like. Like the fact that Connie I’m initially. Listen when trump really likes and now suddenly comes by hearing them answer a lot of us. Never breaking down those questions here on Capitol Hill. Al even running around all day tracking down senators who are in session. And the thing getting a lot of questions about where they stand broke everything for us Democrats vs Republicans though most vocal Democrat the most vocal Republicans. That had either been an opposition that’s or at. Few that are freezing is also among Democrats some of the statements Elizabeth Warren thinks this is absolutely because of the Russians because of that. Company FBI investigation into rush they’re saying. Absolutely this is why coming got fired and Republicans that is a couple things going. There are some Republicans are saying this is really fishy in the White House needs to explain why they decided after so long to suddenly fired me after increasing from on. Some Republicans who actually say. Good riddance economy and money among those are Korean hall who said he Beverly coming from the beginning has finally did get involved. Hillary Clinton investigation. Even Austin didn’t. Make clear he was Olson that’s hitting Donald Trump. Questions about. His. Impartiality. In his decisions and also I’ve read has some concerns about separations of powers. So. There probably is a Republican something went adhesives framework other saying it’s time. Fully notice from today’s press briefing at some questions being out of our reporters that. People do want it to the fun that they want to know exactly why Kobe was fired why now so what’s a political backlash and backlash Bentley for the White House. So far the White House has defended itself saying. That. Absolutely this was totally above board and they’ve been denying that there’s anything. Fishy about tactic. Good evening openly supporting coming and then suddenly. Decided to hire him is that this is completely from prompted by a letter that. Deputy attorney general progress since nine cents to president trying to say Connie is embarrassing himself in the bureau is tightly out. The political backlash here the question now is whether it. Democrats mostly in the senate. Can pressure Republicans here. Two. Get onboard the desire to appoint a special prosecutor and it what is special prosecutor that is someone in the FBI who would be appointed specifically. To investigate the term campaign’s ties to Russia. So far the DOJ the Department of Justice has said we’re not going to do that Democrats are really trends at the pressure on Republicans are doing things like saying. They will move forward with any additional nominations until. The DOJ agrees to appoint a special prosecutors and at this plant in the game King Kong and it. We’ll have to Seubert. Audi wrote in breaking down what’s happening here on Capitol Hill exits our congressional producer and out you just talked about it a little bit but it. In the middle of all of this the reason why people are sort of up in arms and demanding answers because at advocate James when he announced he was investigating the truck administration and what’s happening with Russia right now and possible ties between the two so the firing happening right now is certainly causing some. Red flags to be race on both sides of the aisle so. What things now I mean we were in the middle of this huge investigation. If it stopped the investigation still happening who’s in charge of that investigation that it can in new investigation. And at this point breaking down what happens next. Some Republicans according to the fact that. Compton fire all of the FB I only fired one guy of course he fired the guy that was entered the investigation. We also know keep in mind that attorney general Jeff Sessions recused himself from any investigations into Russia. So he is this is the top guy that top cop in the US government he is not involved. In this investigation right so who’s in charge of it. Well ostensibly you’ve got the deputy attorney general rob Eisenstein was only confirmed his job about two weeks ago to new look on the job. So the question now is how much of this investigation. How seriously was it going line with company how we’re where was he in this process and who gets to kick it out.

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