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Tiger Woods' Mercedes had fresh damage when police arrested him on DUI charge


Golf champion Tiger Woods was arrested on a DUI charge in Jupiter, Fla. early Monday.
Tiger Woods’ Mercedes had areas of fresh damage when police found him sleeping behind the wheel with the engine running, on the side of a Florida road early Monday.
Reports released by authorities in Jupiter, Fla. show the Mercedes had two flat tires on the driver’s side, with minor damage to the rims, the car’s bumpers, and a rear tail light that was out, according to the Associated Press.
Woods was arrested and booked into jail Memorial Day on a DUI charge. In a statement the golf champion released late Monday, Woods blamed his arrest on an “unexpected reaction” to prescription medication. He said he had not been drinking.
Woods had back surgery in late April.
Police reports released on Tuesday showed Woods’ had no blood-alcohol level when tested by officers.
Authorities said when they found Woods, he had extremely slow and slurred speech. He had trouble keeping his eyes open and following instructions as police asked him for his driver’s license. His pupils were dilated, according to the AP.
After a few hours in jail, Woods was released on his own recognizance.
Later Tuesday, fellow golf celebrity Jack Nicklaus called Woods a friend who needs “all our help.”
“I think that he’s struggling. And I wish him well, ” Nicklaus said, according to the AP. “I hope he gets out of it and I hope he plays golf again. He needs a lot of support from a lot of people, and I’ll be one of them.”

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