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Trump Again Suggests Canceling Press Briefings


President Donald Trump reiterated his suggestion that daily press briefings be eliminated.
Trump’s constant lies and contempt for the American institutions and the Press is going to brig him down more sooner than later. The problem is, after Donald Duck is gone, Mike Mouse is ready to take over.
Trump is doing what Hollywood and TV does….banning whomever disagrees with you. Good move.
First Comey’s firing, and now this? Trump’s actions are dragging down the GOP with him.
His “brand” is ever continuing to mark the Republicans with this latest retaliatory Press tantrum… and which American voters will remember for future elections. Aligning themselves to the current President with an (R) after his name will identify the GOP with the Trump name for those elections after his term.
The Party of Lincoln andTeddy Roosevelt has devolved into the Party of Nixon and Bush 2. And now it’s being IDENTIFIED with Trump… and his followers continue to bleat their unquestioning upport—
It’s politically sad.
President Trump should run his presidency exactly the way he wants to run it…!! He was elected to serve as President and from what I can tell so far, THAT is what he is doing…he is being the President..!! There are millions and millions and millions of us out here who think he is doing a FINE job..!!
The “millions and millions and millions” of you who believe Trump is “doing a fine job” are apparently incurably delusional.
I still support President Trump overall, however, we do need to build the Wall. To get out of NAFTA. To protect people with pre-existing medical conditions (a totally un-affordable 3x or more higher premium is not protection) . Allowing an HHS Secretary to say diabetics (10% of the population) aren’ t entitled to health insurance because their lifestyle caused it is lunacy (in many families it’s genetic plus many didn’ t know or didn’ t have an affordable choice as children & even later) . We shouldn’ t be bombing (or spending any American $) in Syria, Afghanistan etc, & we especially shouldn’ t be sending more American troops to be injured or killed in Afghanistan.
It’s as if he wouldn’ t know how to act appropriately even if he wanted to.
“You can’ t handle the truth!” The beginning of the end of Trump or the country? You decide.
ACCOUNTABILITY…. CHECKS & BALANCES….our country was set up with a system that might need to be revised but there must be TRANSPARANCY & ACCOUNTABILITY. Republicans please get your President educated quickly.
Hello Sandra. Lesson to get you “educated”: “CHECKS & BALANCES” refers to the 3 branches of government, not the press. I enjoy White House briefings, however if President Trump cancels them he isn’ t cancelling the existence of a ‘free press’ .
The fake news press vs Sean Spicer or vs Sarah Huckabee is hilarious (great fun to watch) . Please don’ t cancel the show (press briefing) President Trump. Sean & Sarah do a great job holding their own (as does Kellyanne) vs the eye rolling unfair reporters who see/invent contradictions where none exist.
Huckabee Sanders should be subpoenaed to testify under oath before Congress regarding her statement that she had been in contact with “countless FBI members” via text, phone, and email who “were glad about the President’s decision to fire Comey.” As a former member of the Trump campaign team currently under FBI investigation, any contact between Huckabee Sanders and the FBI is a direct violation of DOJ and White House policy. Huckabee Sanders’ subpoenaed phone records, texts, and emails will either prove or disprove her statement. Any FBI employee contacted by Huckabee Sanders would also be obligated to report her inappropriate outreach. So there should be plenty of evidence that she either lied or compromised the investigation. Either way, she should be toast.
As for Spicer, he’s such a hapless punching bag by now that Trump cannot continue to keep letting him take daily poundings much longer. Conversely, eye-rolling is now the default response to Kellyanne Conway’s ridiculous media appearances. It’s astonishing that Trump doesn’ t realize how bad she makes him look every time she opens her smirking yap. Only ignoramuses like you, George, fail to recognize how pathetic these performances are.
KAC double talk is the reason for the eye roll. She is put out in front of the press when the President wants to deflect from what he is doing. Smart move, because then KAC becomes the story and not what he did. Sad, really.
Jesus God. He is such a f–king baby.
Trump is so busy destroying America, so of course he wants to control his press conferences, by doing them himself, the king of drama….
#draintheswamp Make America Great Again.
Richard, you displayed your ignorance of the law regarding impeachment. President Trump has not committed high crimes (or any crime) . Former President Bill Clinton did (not the sex, but the lying under oath) . Clinton wasn’ t impeached because Democrats had the voting majority.
sari you’ re using a hashtag and a slogan that was created to cater to the braindead who can’ t think for themselves.
LOL Trump is filling the swamp almost daily. I can’ t believe any True American thinks his paranoid, egotistical, lying chaotic White House is good for America or in any way will make it great again. He promised he would be presidential he, as it is being reported is as Comey described him not normal … maybe crazy. He is embarrassing his staff and the VP. Republicans need to step up and replace him with Pence. Impeachment is not based solely on criminal behavior but is a political tool used to remove a President who has lost the faith of the American people. Trump is harmful an most likely mentally ill, telling lie after lie after lie. Sad time for the USA.
Make America Great…by impeaching the Liar-in-Chief and firing the reprehensible Sessions. No two men are doing more to destroy the country than those two. Worse than the Nixon era…can’ t believe I have to live through that again (x100) !

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