Fired FBI Director James Comey prepped for meetings with President Donald Trump – worried he would ask questions that would cross legal and ethical boundaries, The Washington Post reported.
According to the Post, which cited unnamed associates of Comey, the former FBI director and associates would practice how to handle questions Trump might ask about an investigation – akin to a “murder board” in which someone practicing for an oral examination fields questions from a panel.
“He was pretty insistent that he would have to find a way to politically not answer it, ” one source told the Post.
“He was confident that he was not going to sacrifice the independence of the investigation, or his own moral compass, but at the same time, he would not try to purposely inflame his commander in chief.”
According to the Post, Comey was apprehensive heading into a dinner with the president in late January after previous encounters, and practiced Trump’s likely questions and his own answers with a small group of trusted confidants, the Post reported.
Afterward, Comey started writing notes as soon as he got into a car, “to make sure he could accurately record what was said, ” one source told the Post.

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