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Buy an Xbox One S this week and Microsoft will give you a freebie


A new promotion by Microsoft will grant buyers of the company’s Xbox One S console a freebie. The offer is available till Saturday this week from most major retailers in the United States.
Gamers in the market for a new console from Microsoft have a rather clear choice: get the top-of-the-line Xbox One X with its 4K goodness and HDR later this year for $499, or buy the company’s Xbox One S for a more affordable gaming experience. This week, the cheaper sibling of the Xbox One X became even more affordable, with Microsoft bundling a range of freebies alongside the console.
Unfortunately, this offer is only valid in the US but, on the plus side, is available with most major retailers in the country. Based on your preferred retailer, you could get one of three Xbox accessories free of cost. The options are as follows:
From the above, Best Buy’s provides the most bang for your buck, giving you a total of $85 of free stuff (a Wireless Controller will normally run you $59.99, while a 3 month Xbox Live Gold subscription goes for $24.99) . Following that is the $59.99 in savings from Walmart’s bundled Wireless Controller. GameStop and Target provide the least in terms of value but may be more appealing for the freedom that comes with their $50 gift card, which you can use to buy anything your heart desires, especially if what your heart desires is not a gaming peripheral.
The offer runs till Saturday, 24 June so if you’re in the market for a console, be sure to grab one before then.
Source: Microsoft via Windows Central

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