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French president: 'Make our planet great again' Video


Emmanuel Macron delivered a speech in English Thursday to denounce the U. S. decision to leave the Paris Climate Agreement.
Com a chance. He’s one of the major issue of full time. It is already changing don’t dated ninth. That it is global. If we want isn’t backed. And for doing nothing all children. Will no rule book migrations. Of walls of Philippines. Don’t those work. It is not the few cure we won’t false. He’s not the future we won’t fall to. It is not the future. We won’t all world. Today. The president of the United States. Than that. Announced his decision to win the role of the United States forms of birth agreement. I do respect his decision. But I do think. It is neck bones they both US. And fall that. Thank you see. Prison time. In a few words a few minutes ago. This assessment. Tonight. I wish the United States. France believe in. The world believe me. I know that our great nation. I know. You instantly. Oh come on he’s. To all scientists. And dying of Brooklyn. Responsible citizens who was appointed. By the diffusion of the president of United States. I won’t say. That. They will find. The so going on. I Kohl owns them come. And work here. With us. To work to get that on concrete solutions. All climb. All environment. I can issues. France. Would note keep it caught. I reaffirm clearly. That the birth agreements remains irresistible. And will be implemented. Not just by France. All heal than the over the coming all’s. I we have pupil Nickie to speak. We’ve all made baldness. To define the common strategy. And to launch new initiatives. I already know. That they can conference. I Colin you to remain confidence. We will succeed. Because we have fully committed. Because wherever we leave. Will it we are wrong. We all shed. A cent responsible. Make. Well then that’s great the game.
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