Kim Jong Un, the North Korean dictator, is scared of a plot to assassinate him, a South Korean lawmaker said based on reports from South Korea’s intelligence agency, according to Fox News.
The dictator travels secretly around his country and is “extremely nervous” about a secret “decapitation plan, ” Rep. Lee Cheol-woo said. “Kim is engrossed with collecting information about the ‘decapitation operation’ through his intelligence agencies, ” the lawmaker added, according to the Fox News report.
Rumors of the plan surfaced in 2015 when the U. S. and South Korea signed Operation Plan 5015 to look into scenarios of war with North Korea. By January of this year, South Korea was ramping up the creation of a unit to work on the decapitation mission, according to the Fox News report.
Members of U. S. Navy SEAL teams worked with South Korea in decapitation drills for the first time, during this year’s annual Foal Eagle and Key Resolve military exercises, the report said.
North Korea has ramped up missile testing and Kim has increased his threats to the U. S., South Korea, and Japan, Fox News noted.
Mark Sauter, a former U. S. Army and special forces officer, said an attack on the North Korean leader would be more difficult than other operations such as Seal Team 6’s mission that led to the death of Osama Bin Laden.
“A U. S. special operations strike against Kim Jong Un in today’s conditions would make the Bin Laden raid look easy . .. Pyongyang (North Korea’s capital) is surrounded by anti-aircraft weapons, and while the corpulent Kim presents a large and sluggish target, he’s kept on the move, always surrounded by fanatical guards and often near or in complex underground compounds, ” Sauter said, according to Fox News.
The North Korean dictator should be worried about U. S. attacks that use “precision-guided missiles and bunker-buster bombs, ” Sauter added in the Fox News report.

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