It is no secret that the world’s most expensive footballer Paul Pogba is a huge fan of social media. Visiting China he hit the 500 mark of Instagram posts and celebrated in true Pogba style.
It is no secret that the world’s current most expensive footballer Paul Pogba is a huge fan of social media.
Pogba takes to Instagram, Twitter and such platforms on almost a daily basis in order to keep his adoring fans up to date on his hectic lifestyle.
This week the flamboyant Manchester United ace has marked the special occasion of his 500th Instagram post in the most Pogba way possible… busting out his signature dance moves to the backdrop of the shimmering Shanghai city-scape.
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The 24-year-old is still embarking on his summer exploration of China, taking the opportunity to wind down from his first season back in the Premier League while also checking in with his Asian fanbase.
And, while over in China’s biggest city, Pogba notched up his landmark 500th Instagram post.
Most people wouldn’t even notice this, or wouldn’t even consider marking it in any special way. There again, most people aren’t Paul Pogba.
The former Juventus star took to a stage in front of a large crowd and launched into ‘La Billy walk’ along with an accomplice.
With a smile on his face, Pogba gave instructions on how to perform the moves, before later uploading the short video to his channel for his 15.9million followers to enjoy.
Captioning the video, Pogba wrote: ‘Celebrating my 500th post with La Billy walk. #pogchina #heretocreate.’
The midfielder has also recently taken the opportunity to meet up with former United man Carlos Tevez while out in the Far East.
It was a case of he world’s most expensive footballer meets the world’s best paid footballer – with Tevez taking home an eye-watering £615,000-a-week at Shanghai Shenhua.

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