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Middle-earth Shadow of War latest rumours – release date, UK price & trailers


Shadow of War is the new sequel to Shadow of Mordor. Read the latest rumours on the Shadow of War platforms, price and UK launch date.
There’s good news for Tolkienistas, because Warner Bros. has confirmed that it’s working on Middle-earth: Shadow of War, a sequel to the 2014 hit Shadow of Mordor. Like that game, it’s set in the Lord of the Rings universe as inspired by Peter Jackson’s films, and will once again see you tasked with thinning the ranks of Sauron’s forces. Read next: Best upcoming games
Shadow of War was revealed in February 2017 with a cinematic announcement trailer that shows off the game’s world and story, though doesn’ t reveal much gameplay. Still, this is where you’ ll find everything we know so far about Shadow of War’s release date, price, platforms, and gameplay, and we’ ll keep updating it as we find out more.
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Middle Earth: Shadow of War UK release date: 10 October 2017
Despite initially announcing that Shadow of War would be available in the UK on 25 August 2017, developer Monolith Productions announced in early June that it has pushed the release date back by 7 weeks, until 10 October 2017. In a blog post, the company explains that it is “committed to delivering the highest quality experience” and that in order to do that, it has made the decision to delay the launch to make sure “Shadow of War will deliver on that promise”.
In terms of platforms, Middle Earth: Shadow of War will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game will also be part of the Play Anywhere scheme, which means if you buy a digital copy from Microsoft you can play it on either Xbox One or PC, with your save data transferring between them.
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There will also be an enhanced version released with Xbox One Scorpio support, but naturally that won’ t come out until the console does some time later in the year.
Pre-orders are now open for Shadow of War, and predictably it’s available in a whole slew of different versions.
You can pre-order the standard version of Shadow of War from Amazon or Game for £49.99, or $59.99 from Amazon US, which will get you the base game and “four legendary Orc champions & exclusive Sword of Dominion, ” as a pre-order bonus.
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Zavvi has the £69.99 Silver Edition ($79.99 from Best Buy in the US) , which includes the Slaughter Tribe and Outlaw Tribe Nemesis expansions and a Silver War Chest.
The next tier up is the Gold Edition, which is £84.99 from Game in the UK, or $99.99 from Amazon US, and includes all of the above (except the War Chest is gold) , along with two story expansions: The Blade of Galadriel and The Desolation of Mordor. It also comes in a nifty steelbook case.
Finally, for the real die-hards there’s the Mithril Edition, which any LotR fan will know is the best of all the fictional metals. That’s an Amazon exclusive in the UK, and a GameStop exclusive in the US and includes everything in the Gold Edition along with some physical goodies: a magnetic Ring of Power, a cloth map of Mordor, some stickers and lithographs, a soundtrack CD, and the real attraction: a 12in Tar-Goroth Balrog vs. Carnan Drake statue, which does look pretty cool, to be fair. It’ ll set you back £199.99/$299.99.
Oh, and if you never played the original Shadow of Mordor, you can grab a Game of the Year copy now for £15/$20.
The first announcement trailer for Shadow of War showed off the game’s story, which picks up shortly after the end of Shadow of Mordor, between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, still following Talion and Celebrimbor.
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They’ ve forged a new Ring of Power, and are going behind enemy lines into Mordor to try and spread dissent and undermine Sauron, turning his own army against him. It looks like that will involve fighting a Balrog, the Nazgul, and maybe even Sauron himself along the way, while building up an army and fortress – watch the trailer for yourself at the top of the page to see more.
While the announcement trailer teased the game’s story, there was little (well, zero) gameplay on display, but luckily Monolith released a 15-minute gameplay video just a couple of days later. The clip shows off a major expansion to the first game’s innovative Nemesis system, which saw named NPC enemies respond to and pursue the player character across the game.
“The robust personalization from the first game is now applied to the entire world where the environments and characters are all shaped by player actions and decisions, creating a personal world unique to every gameplay experience, ” Warner Bros. said in a press release.
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One of those new additions is Nemesis Fortresses, which “allow player to utilize different strategies to conquer dynamic strongholds and create personalized worlds with their unique Orc army.” The gameplay footage shows the player working through a procedurally generated fortress, choosing tactics to approach the battle, directing your own troops, and facing big threats like traps, war chiefs, and even dragons along the ways.
One of the main dynamic additions are Followers, members of your army with their own names, backgrounds, and characters. They can be loyal or betray you and become your enemies, creating varied stories along the way, while you can choose which of them to bring into battle, and which will have the most power – and thus influence – over your forces.
You can watch the first gameplay footage right here to see the new Nemesis features in action:

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