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Paris climate agreement, elected officials, labels, civility


One question: Why? The Paris Agreement is an unbelievable feat of getting 190-plus countries together to talk about how the world can work together…
One question: Why?
The Paris Agreement is an unbelievable feat of getting 190-plus countries together to talk about how the world can work together to help keep our planet healthy. Our president has decided that the U. S. needs to get out the agreement.
Donald Trump has said that he is all for making America great, but how will this help make America great? This really says he does not care about America and the world, he just cares about himself. I believe that Trump is so self-centered that he will do anything to cancel, get rid of or destroy anything that had to do with Obama and the policies that Obama put into place.
The rest of the world will look at the U. S. as an arrogant country that is only interested in itself. Doesn’t our government see this and why do they do nothing about this?
I have traveled all over the world and have always been proud of telling everyone that I am American. Now, I don’t say anything so I don’t have to deal with the ridicule and the hatred towards Americans.
Don Rose, East Dallas
Long-term harm
Re: “U. S. expected to leave Paris climate agreement — President promises that a decision will come ‘very soon, ‘” Thursday news story.
It is vitally important to recognize that climate change is still an extremely urgent issue threatening the health of the planet. Thank you to The Dallas Morning News for reminding us of this issue in its front-page article about President Donald Trump’s indecision regarding the Paris Agreement.
As a former environmental studies student at the University of Chicago, I learned that short-term sacrifices are necessary for long-term prosperity. Think of agriculture, for example. Using harmful pesticides to increase crop yields might benefit us in the short term but will harm many beneficial organisms and upset the balance of nature. Damages to ecosystems through the use of pesticides thus ultimately reduces our food security in the long run.
If we take the example of climate change, we might conceive of Trump’s plan to revitalize the coal industry as leading to short-term benefits and more jobs. However, a boosted coal industry eventually leads to greater emissions, more climate change in the long run and a starker future for all humans, including the families of coal miners.
Dan Friedman, Dallas/Medical District
Elected officials, behave
Re: “Elected officials owe you answers, ” by Jacquielynn Floyd, May 28 Metro column.
I agree wholeheartedly with Floyd on this issue. When you run for public office and win, you owe it to your constituents to respond their questions, needs and wishes. However, you are also obligated to respond to those who did not vote for you. You are also obligated to answer civil questions from the press and keep a civil tongue in your head no matter what the provocation from any source might be.
You are expected to be in charge of your own temper and behavior. You are expected to know the answers to the public’s questions or be able to refer them to someone who can provide those answers. You were elected to represent everyone in your district, no matter how much you might dislike or disagree with the beliefs and behaviors of some.
You have taken on responsibilities, obligations, duties and protocols that the rest of us do not necessarily own. You have also obligated yourself to put your ownership of your own behavior, beliefs, history, knowledge and capability on public display for all the world to see and experience. You no longer get a free pass to be rude or combative.
Ellen Childress, Far East Dallas
A level-headed approach
Re: “I am not a label, ” by Tom Gregory, Thursday Letters.
Outstanding, Mr. Gregory! I could not agree more with the sentiments and values you expressed. I suspect there are more of us than people realize. Of course, such a level-headed approach to politics (and life) doesn’t sell many newspapers or add Nielsen/Arbitron ratings points to broadcast media.
Perhaps if there was an Unlabel Caucus?
Lance Emerson, New Boston, Texas
Bring back civility
What has happened to civility?
William Wilberforce, Britain’s youngest prime minister, was not only responsible for stopping the slave trade in England, but he was also the one person in the country who saw a breakdown of manners in society and set about to re-educate the people and bring civility back.
Today we have brawls in the streets, disgusting street signs at rallies and people screaming obscenities. Road rage is prevalent, our language is in the gutter and we can hardly find a movie without nudity and coarse language. These are just a few things that show a total lack of respect for fellow human beings.
We have become so free to express ourselves that we can burn cities when we are angry. We can show despicable pictures of our president on TV.
Wilberforce succeeded in ending slavery and in transforming the manners of Brits. We need a Wilberforce. God help us, too.
Anne Miller, Dallas

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