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Paris climate agreement, Irving murder, guns, Tiger Woods, Hillary Clinton, spudnuts


Why dump Paris Agreement? Re: U. S. expected to leave Paris climate agreement — President promises that a decision will come ‘very soon, ‘ Thursday…
Why dump Paris Agreement?
Re: “U. S. expected to leave Paris climate agreement — President promises that a decision will come ‘very soon, ‘” Thursday news story.
Can someone please tell me what the U. S. has to gain by dumping the Paris Agreement on climate actions?
I used to think Republicans wanted to do so to advance big business and damn the future generations. At least I thought I understood their warped thinking. But even CEOs advise President Donald Trump against leaving the agreement, yet he stills wants to do it.
I’ve come to the conclusion that the president is just a petulant, vindictive boy, with no logical rationale for his actions but simply self-aggrandizement.
Gary Tutt, McKinney
Nicaragua, Syria and the U. S.
As President Trump searches for the right spin to put on the U. S. withdrawal from the Paris environmental accords, I would like to make a few observations.
First, the president and his Cabinet have seemingly taken every opportunity to accommodate the fossil-fuel energy sector. This accommodation has extended to the revocation of regulations designed to protect the air and water resources of this country as well as to mitigate the progression of anthropogenic global warming.
Second, the president has been most accommodative of the coal industry. The coal industry has been supplanted by cost-effective natural gas as an intermediary to the ultimate goal of renewal resources. Failure to recognize this will cause the U. S. to relinquish leadership in research and delivery of sustainable renewable options.
Lastly I want to mention that, by failing to remain a signatory to the Paris Agreement, the U. S. joins the company of Nicaragua and Syria as non-participants — a truly distinguished group indeed.
James E. Wells, Irving
Face your great-grandkids
I urge our members of Congress to use their influence to guide the president as he defines the U. S. role in climate change. If I could speak directly to Republicans in Congress, I would say to please look in the mirror and picture yourself telling your great-grandchildren that you had a chance to influence our country’s course on climate change. Imagine their faces as you tell them that you squandered that opportunity for pure partisan greed. That your shortsighted vision was that of campaign contributions from big donors, rather than concern for the future of the world they will inherit.
I’m begging you to use your influence to see that our country honors the Paris accord. We used to be great when we took the lead in protecting the vulnerable and the environment.
Cindy Gilliland, Dallas/Lake Highlands
Too easy access to guns
Re: “Carter High grad slain just hours after commencement, ” Tuesday Metro & State story.
Another teenager, Ledajrick Cox, was shot and killed in Irving as he reportedly tried to come to the defense of a girl who was being harassed. Cox, who was voted most popular in his class, had just graduated from Dallas ISD’s Carter High School. He was preparing to play college football.
Fifteen years ago, Texas introduced a campaign called “Click it or Ticket, ” requiring everyone in a vehicle to buckle up or face fines of up to $200. If children under 8 are not in a safety or booster seat, the driver faces a $250 fine. “Click it or Ticket” has saved 5,068 lives and more than $19.3 billion. Texas’ seat belt laws clearly save lives.
I’m shocked, though, that handguns — like the one that killed Ledajrick Cox — are almost as easy to obtain in Texas as a bicycle. Something is amiss in a system that wisely passes laws to protect children from reckless driving, while making handguns easily available for just about anyone who wants one. Wake up, Texas! These are our kids.
Brian Pierce, Irving
Woods’ arrest seems racist
Re: “Woods: Alcohol ‘not involved’ — Golfer says ‘unexpected reaction’ to prescription meds led to arrest, ” Tuesday SportsDay story.
What country are we living in where a citizen that had an unfortunate reaction to prescribed medicine and responsibly pulls of the road, parks and is hauled in handcuffs to jail?
The video shows a polite fellow citizen who seems sick, with no alcohol and no illegal drugs around and in need of help.
I don’t care much for Tiger Woods and even less for golf, but this arrest seems to me to be just a racist joke.
Vaclav Ron Sydney, Parker
Check your math
Why is it that almost every letter sent to The News by “conservatives” claim that the vast majority of people agree with them? Either their math skills are lacking or they think (like our president) that baseless claims alter the truth.
Ben McCall, Dallas
President gets no respect …
Our country appears to be in trouble concerning respect for the presidency. An American president needs to be respected by world leaders but most of all by the American people.
A president does not always have to be agreed with but always respected. Because of Donald Trump’s actions, tweets and lack of knowledge, it appears that he cannot garner respect anywhere. Our country deserves better.
Judy Winkler, Richardson
… except from himself
I haven’t heard anyone “tooting his own horn” as loudly as President Trump since Professor Harold Hill led “Seventy-Six Trombones” down the streets of River City to ward off Trouble with a capital T.
Franne Jackson, Dallas
Clinton is past her prime
Is there anything more pathetic than Hillary Clinton’s excuse parade for losing the 2016 presidential election? The flimsy reasons of Russia, Wikileaks, James Comey, etc., cannot mask the real reason she lost –most of us are just not into her anymore.
Like an aging athlete past their prime, trying to compete, she just doesn’t realize it’s over. I believe the Democrats must bring new blood to the forefront with fresh ideas or risk continuing losses across the board.
It appears Barack Obama’s legacy will be an empty cupboard as his signature accomplishments are being erased one by one.

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