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Saturday funeral set for Gregg Allman


With the passing of Gregg Allman, fans want to know how they can say their final goodbye. 
With the passing of Gregg Allman, fans want to know how they can say their final goodbye.
Saturday at Snow’s Memorial Chapel in downtown Macon, there will be a private service in memory of Gregg Allman.
The service starts at 1 p.m.
Further details about the event have not been released.
Snow’s Funeral Director, Reginald Smith, says that due to a confidentiality contract between the Allman family, the funeral home, and their lawyers, he can’t discuss the funeral.
After the funeral service Saturday, Gregg Allman’s body will be taken to Rose Hill Cemetery.
He’ll be buried near his brother, Duane Allman, and Berry Oakley, another founding member of the Allman Brothers Band.
According to Lieutenant Randy Gonzalez at the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office, the procession will travel along First Street leading to Riverside Drive and go straight to Rose Hill Cemetery.
Along those streets is where dozens of Allman fans will stand by and pay their respects.
Road Closures
According to a news release from the Bibb Sheriff’s Office, Cherry Street will be closed off in a few designated areas beginning at 8: 00 a.m. Saturday morning.
Cherry Street – First Street west to New Street
First Street – Cherry Street north to Riverside Drive
Riverside Drive- First Street west to Orange Street
The roads will be closed when the procession begins, following the service at Snow’s Memorial Chapel. The procession will travel from Snow’s Memorial Chapel on Cherry Street east to First Street. The traffic will then turn left and travel north on First Street to Riverside Drive. A left turn will be made on Riverside Drive and the procession will travel west to the 1000 block of Riverside Drive, making a right into the entrance of Rose Hill Cemetery. The roads will reopen once the procession passes each intersection on its way to Rose Hill Cemetery.
Saturday night at the Big House museum on Vineville Avenue, the family is hosting a private gathering with entertainment from local musicians.
It is an invite-only event for family and friends.
According to Richard Brent, the Director of Collections and Merchandise, The Big House will be open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. The admission fee is $10.
Grant’s Lounge owner Edward Grant says that Allman visited the lounge often.
“My fondest memories of Gregg was when he brought Cher. She sat at the end of the bar down there, and that particular night, Gregg got up and jammed. So that was a very special night here in Grant’s, but there were many times that he came down and played. Even with a little band that I had in high school called Moon Dogs and he came and played with us one night, ” said Grant.
Grant says they have a jam session planned Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night for all of the music legends that passed away including Gregg Allman. The event is free.
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