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Telegram Messenger Preview introduces calls for Windows Phone users


Telegram calls have come to Telegram Messenger Preview; the development app on Windows Phone. This means that we will see calls come to all users on the stable release in the next few weeks.
A few months ago, Telegram finally launched its long-awaited calling feature. Initially, it came to iOS and Android users in select continents before rolling out worldwide. Since then, the desktop client has gained support for the feature as well. Meanwhile, Windows Phone users, as usual, , were left waiting. However, fortunately for users of the platform, that wait is finally about to be over.
Telegram calls can be accessed, right now, from Telegram Messenger Preview. It’s going to take a few weeks until the feature makes its way to the stable release which is used by considerably more users..
A few days ago, Telegram for Windows Phone received an update which brought several new features to the platform, including bot payments, a built-in photo picker with gesture support, a new built-in camera which supports flash, auto-focusing, and a tap-and-hold photo button to record 30-second videos. The update also included a “truckload” of improvements to the app too.
Telegram’s calls have been touted as offering crystal clear quality that improves over time thanks to artificial intelligence. The AI optimises “dozens of parameters based on [you and your device’s feedback] , improving the quality of future calls on the given device and network.”
Once calls roll out for all Windows Phone users, Telegram will be supporting calls on all major platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.
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