It’s Election Day in Georgia and both President Trump and Republican hopeful Karen Handel went after Democrat Jon Ossoff in early morning television and tweets.
It’s Election Day in Georgia and both President Trump and Republican hopeful Karen Handel went after Democrat Jon Ossoff in early morning television and tweets.
The 6th Congressional District’s run-off race was at the top of Trump’s mind, as he tweeted on behalf of Handel early Tuesday morning.
‘Democrat Jon Ossoff, who wants to raise your taxes to the highest level and is weak on crime and security, doesn’t even live in district, ‘ Trump wrote in one tweet.
‘KAREN HANDEL FOR CONGRESS. She will fight for lower taxes, great healthcare strong security-a hard worker who will never give up, ‘ he continued. ‘VOTE TODAY.’
Handel went to bat for herself on Fox & Friends calling the 30-year-old Ossoff a ‘Nancy Pelosi guy’ and a Hollywood-enriched liberal.
‘He is a liberal in just the same along the lines as Nancy Pelosi, ‘ she said of the Democrat, who’s surprisingly given her a lot of trouble in the Republican-leaning suburban Atlanta district.
‘He’s going to be her vote in the House, ‘ Handel said, connecting Ossoff with the Democratic House minority leader and former speaker.
‘What the people in the 6th want is a vote for them, ‘ the GOP candidate added.
Yesterday, Trump chimed in as well, though he didn’t always get Handel’s name right.
‘Karen Handle’s opponent in #GA06can’t even vote in the district he wants to represent…., ‘ Trump tweeted Monday afternoon, misspelling her last name.
He corrected it and finished his thought: ‘because he doesn’t even live there! He wants to raise taxes and kill healthcare. On Tuesday, #VoteKarenHandel, ‘ the president prescribed.
Earlier Monday, Trump didn’t even bother spelling out the Republican contender’s last name.
‘The Dems want to stop tax cuts, good healthcare and Border Security. Their ObamaCare is dead with 100% increases in P’s. Vote now for Karen H, ‘ he wrote Monday morning.
On Tuesday’s ballot, Handel will be up against Democrat Jon Ossoff, as the two vie for the seat formerly occupied by Trump’s Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price.
Republicans have tried labeling Ossoff a ‘carpetbagger’ because he doesn’t currently live in the district, which is where he grew up, having moved to be closer to his girlfriend’s university, Emory.
Handel deployed that strategy Tuesday as she briefly appeared on Fox & Friends.
‘Republicans are motivated, ‘ she said. ‘They do not want someone who lives outside the district coming in and representing them.’
‘They surely don’t want a Nancy Pelosi guy coming in and trying to buy this seat, ‘ Handel added.
Swinging a softball at the congressional candidate, Fox’s Ainsley Earhardt asked Handel if George voters were ‘OK with liberal Hollywood dictating what happens.’
She was referencing the out-of-state dollars coming into the state to especially help Ossoff, as Democrats look for a bright spot after losing the White House last fall.
‘The people in the 6th District want this to be about the 6th District, ‘ Handel said.
‘They are not interested in Hollywood and California coming in and buying this seat and they are very concerned about an individual that does not even live in this district, ‘ she added.
Georgia’s 6th Congressional District had been solidly red for years, flipping from Democrat to Republican in 1978, with the election of Rep. Newt Gingrich, who later went on to be House speaker.
But changing demographics in the South and a crowded Republican field led to Ossoff garnering the most votes when the first ballots were cast in this race.
Because the Democrat didn’t get to 50 percent in April, however, he now has to face Handel on Tuesday in a run-off.
She’s since concentrated Republican support.
He’s still ahead in the polls, but by less than most survey’s margin of error.
The Real Clear Politics Polling average gives Ossoff an advantage of 2.6 points.
With a price tag of more than $50 million, both parties are using the House seat as a barometer to gauge their political power in the age of Trump.
The demoralized Democrats, who were supposed to retain the White House, via Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, and possibly win the Senate last November, and then accomplished neither feat, need an Ossoff win to claim momentum going into the 2018 midterms.
Winning the governors’ mansions in Virginia and New Jersey this November could also help the Democrats’ cause.
Republicans are concerned that a loss could show the party’s weakness in the age of Trump and also make House members and Senators more reluctant to pass bills that fit the president’s agenda.
On Monday, Trump was particularly concerned with tax cuts, health care and border security.
So far, tax reform has gone nowhere, health care has only passed in the House – with senators writing their own bill to repeal and replace Obamacare – and Trump’s border fence has not been fully funded by the U. S. Congress.
A Republican Party chairman in Georgia’s 11th Congressional District is also taking some flack by suggesting last week’s Congressional baseball field shooting, which wounded House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, could benefit the party politically in the run-off race.
‘I’ll tell you what: I think the shooting is going to win this election for us, ‘ GOP chairman Brad Carver told the Washington Post . ‘Because moderates and independents in this district are tired of left-wing extremism.’
‘I get that there’s extremists on both sides, but we are not seeing them, ‘ he added.
An outside group, Principled Leadership PAC, also produced an ad connecting Ossoff to the shooter.
‘Now the unhinged left is endorsing and applauding shooting Republicans. When will it stop?’ the ad asks.

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