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tvOS 11 wasn't announced today, but the developer beta is available


Apple didn’t announce the next major update for tvOS at its WWDC 2017 keynote this morning; however, it did release a tvOS Developer Beta. Here’s how you can get it and install it now.
At Apple’s WWDC keynote today, the company announced the next major updates to iOS, macOS, and watchOS. It brushed over tvOS though, saying that news would be coming later on in the week.
But while there was no official announcement of tvOS 11, a Developer Beta is available. Judging by the lack of an appearance at the keynote, we can assume that it won’t be quite as feature-packed as its counterparts, but still, you might want to install the beta.
There are two ways of installing a tvOS beta, neither of which are particularly convenient. You can either install a configuration profile and get an OTA update, or flash the image. You’ll need a Mac for the former, as it’s not as simple as emailing the file to yourself like you can do for iOS or watchOS; alas, there is no Mail client on tvOS.
To update via the configuration profile:
Note: Do this while your Apple TV is connected to a display, because you’ll need to confirm it from the device.
Installing via the restore image is fairly simple, but you’ll have to set up your Apple TV again. Unlike for iOS, there’s no option to install this file as an update in iTunes.
Once either of these steps are done, you’ll be good to go with tvOS 11, and future updates will come over-the-air. The update will contain automatic light and dark appearance switching, home screen sync, and some other improvements.

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