One person died and 10 people were injured in the incident.
Britain woke up to more tragic news Monday after a vehicle plowed into worshippers near a mosque in north London, killing one and injuring 10 other people. The incident took place just after midnight Sunday and was being investigated as possible terrorism. Here is what we know:
Metropolitan Police arrested a 48-year-old man — no identity given as of early Monday. Arriving officers found him “detained by members of public at the scene, ” according to the police statement. The statement does not corroborate witness accounts of two others being involved, and it said there are no official reports of knife injuries.
A leader of the Muslim Council of Britain called for extra security at mosques after the incident. The group’s general secretary, Harun Khan, said: “It appears from eyewitness accounts that the perpetrator was motivated by Islamophobia.”
The van veered into pedestrians near the Finsbury Park Mosque in the northern part of the capital, along Seven Sisters Road. Many worshipers were leaving the mosque as part of midnight prayers during the Ramadan observance of the Muslim religion.
Of the injured, two were treated at the scene for minor injuries, while eight were taken to three hospitals, the police statement said. The pedestrian who died was declared dead at the scene, police said. Identities of the victims have not been released.
The U. K.has suffered at least three — now possibly four — episodes of terrorism in under three months.
► March 22, London: A driver plowed into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, causing four deaths, then exited the vehicle and stabbed a police officer to death. The Islamic State group, also known as ISIS, called the slain attacker a “soldier, ” though police said they were unaware of an actual connection with the group.
► May 22, Manchester: A suicide bomber killed 22 people after a concert by U. S. pop star Ariana Grande just outside the venue. ISIS claimed responsibility.
► June 3, London: A van plowed into pedestrians along London Bridge and continued south to the popular Borough Market. Three attackers went on a stabbing spree before police killed them. ISIS claimed responsibility for the related attacks, which killed seven.
And just last week, Londoners were presented with the horrific sight of an entire high-rise on fire. The cause of the blaze that consumed the 24-story Grenfell Tower is under investigation. At least 58 people in the residential building died.

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