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Witness describes car slamming into groups of people on London Bridge


The witness told the BBC that he saw a woman thrown 20 feet in the air.
An eyewitness described a scene of violence and disorder on London Bridge, where one of two police-described “terrorist incidents” took place in the city of London on Saturday night.
The eyewitness told the BBC that a van veered from side to side along the bridge, slamming into groups of people, and even throwing one woman “20 feet in the air.”
The eyewitness described injured people lining the bridge in the wake of the van’s path. Police have not said whether there are any casualties in the London Bridge incident but the BBC is reporting that more than one person has died.
The van allegedly plowed into a bus stop and hit a bus, the eyewitness told the BBC.
Ten minutes later, the witness said, gunfire crackled south of the bridge, in the nearby Borough Market.
A photo posted by a Twitter user named Brad Myers shows bystanders staring down the bridge at the aftermath of the attack, and what appears to be injured people can be seen laying on the ground in the background.
Here is a picture of the afternath pic.twitter.com/ZaGbkoZxXE
Video posted on social media also showed a row of ambulances streaming away from the scene of the incidents.
In a statement, United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed the incidents are “being treated as a potential act of terrorism.”
“This is a fast-moving investigation, ” she said. “I want to express my huge gratitude to the police and emergency services who are on the scene. Our thoughts are with those who are caught up in these dreadful events.”
Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party, May’s opposition, called the incidents “brutal and shocking.”
“My thoughts are with the victims and their families. Thank you to the emergency services, ” Corbyn wrote on Twitter.

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