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2 Arrested in U. K. After Girl Reports Being Raped Twice in One Night


Two men, one 35 and the other 27, were arrested in connection with two attacks on a 14-year-old in Birmingham, the British Transport Police said.
Two men were arrested after a 14-year-old girl was raped in two separate attacks in one night near a railway in Birmingham, England, the British Transport Police said on Saturday.
The two men, one 35 and the other 27, neither of whom were identified, were arrested after the police released closed-circuit television images of two suspects wanted in an attack on the girl near the city’s Witton train station on Tuesday night. The men are both from Birmingham, the police said.
The girl told the police that she had walked to the train station with a friend, and that two men approached them on the platform. One man led her away to a secluded area of the station, she said, and raped her.
She made her way to the street after the attack and sought help, getting into a vehicle around 2 a.m. Once inside the vehicle, she was raped a second time by another man, the police said. She escaped from that vehicle and flagged down the driver of another car, who helped her, the police said.
The victim described the man who attacked her in the first vehicle as having “large biceps, ” the transport police said in a statement .
It was not immediately clear whether the two suspects had been charged on Saturday.
Detective Chief Inspector Tony Fitzpatrick said in the statement that there had been significant developments in the case after the police released the footage from surveillance monitors.
He had previously told the news media that specialist officers were supporting the victim after a “horrifying ordeal.”
Birmingham, about 128 miles northwest of London, is often called England’s “second city” and has a population of more than one million residents.

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