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Amazon Echo costs just $89 today ahead of Amazon Prime Day


Amazon Prime Day isn’t until July 10 and 11, but this early deal gives you an cheap Amazon Echo price today only.
There’s a temporary Amazon Echo price drop today, right before Amazon Prime Day, if you don’t mind buying a certified refurbished smart speaker.
It costs just $89.99 until the end of Saturday in the US and free one-day shipping with the required (for the deal) Amazon Prime subscription.
Normally, a brand new Amazon Echo costs $179.99, and a refurbished version is usually priced at $134.99, so you’re saving $75 today.
This Amazon Echo deal comes in two colors: black and white and has all of the usual features you’d want from a smart speaker.
So the burning question is: Why is it so much cheaper? Besides the fact that the retailer is promoting Amazon Prime Day, these items are usually lightly used.
By lightly used, we mean this Amazon Echo box was likely opened and returned by someone before 30 days. Amazon has a fairly liberal return policy.
Is also required the Amazon Prime subscriber to obtain the Echo, which is a clever way for Amazon to get more members right before Prime Day on Tuesday.

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