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Microsoft rolls out new updates to Paint 3D


Microsoft has updated its Paint 3D app, adding a bunch of new tools and improvements to the app, including magic select enhancements and new drawing tools, and making it easier to use.
Microsoft has just updated its Paint 3D app, which was released last year with the Windows 10 Creators Update. The update brings various new features and improvements to the app.
The major improvement is in the way the magic select tool operates. The tool allows the users to crop out the background of a picture. The selected portion can then be easily converted into a sticker and can also be wrapped around different 3D objects. Now, the particular portion can also be directly added to other scenes or partially created 3D images. Previously, the objects have to be moved off the canvas for this purpose.
In addition to this, the update also adds new Line and Curve tools to the app, which, according to the firm, are some of the key features of the original Paint app. The line tool gives the users the ability to simply draw 2D lines with thickness and opacity controls, while the curve tool allows them to add up to three inflection points on a line. These lines and curves also act as stickers when applying them to 3D objects.
Finally, Paint 3D now supports a new industry-wide open standard file GLB, which, says Microsoft, will allow faster and more efficient transfer of 3D assets.
Folks can get this update by simply opening the app and Paint 3D can also download from Windows Store .
Source: Windows Blog

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