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Ebuyer transforms Prime Day into 'Optimus Day' deals bonanza


Ebuyer is launching a Prime Day of its own – it’s called Optimus Day – do you see what they did there?
It’s one of those jokes that’s so obvious that no one would actually say it. So full marks to Ebuyer for winning TechRadar’s ‘Dad Joke Retailer of the Year 2017’ award for the second year in a row with Optimus Day 2017.
We think it’s a joke about Transformers but obviously we wouldn’t want to Rumble™ them on that.
No this is not a Mirage™, to get its Crosshairs™ on a share of all of the money being spent today, UK electronics retailer Ebuyer has been on the Prowl™ and is attempting to Wheeljack™ Amazon’s Prime Day with, yes, ‘Optimus Day’ – a day of deals all of its own .
The deals are not here for the Long Haul™ – they’re all just 24 hour ‘deals of the day’ so if you like the look of something you’ll need to zap over to Ebuyer at Lightspeed™.
This news is, of course, unlikely to send a Shockwave™ through the retail industry as many other online stores are also getting in on the action.
In fact there’s a metric Megatron™ of deals out there today with Argos, John Lewis, Currys and more all trying to Sidesweep™ Prime Day and Slingshot™ themselves to prominence with a Quickmix™ of 24 hour offers – though whether any of the prices are Devastator™ are yet to be seen.
At the time of writing many the deals were still on Lockdown™ but given Ebuyer’s electronics focus, you can be sure that many of the discounted products will emit a Soundwave™ or two.
While ‘Optimus Day’ is undoubtedly the worst joke this side of Black Friday, you’ve got to hand it to Ebuyer for adding some Jazz™ to what is otherwise a pretty intense day jam packed full of commercial messages – it’s been a bit of an Overload™. Some might even call it a Dreadwind™.
TechRadar would like to apologise for its Triggerhappy™ and Headstrong™ Onslaught™ of Transformers™ references in this article but for heaven’s sake don’t throw a Tantrum™ about it.

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