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Game of Thrones season 7 Bingo cards


When you play the Bingo of Thrones…
Game of Thrones season seven is finally, finally upon us. And after a longer-than-usual wait between seasons — plus the end of the entire series now in sight — fan anticipation has perhaps reached an all-time high. So what better way to celebrate Sunday’s season seven premiere than by playing a rousing round of Game of Thrones Bingo while you watch? That’s where our handy season seven Bingo cards come in.
If you don’ t like your card, hit the “new card” button until you’ re satisfied. You can play right on your screen: every time something on your card happens during the telecast, click on the corresponding square. Close your browser or refresh the page if you like — we’ll continue to save your squares (though this might not work if you’re browsing in incognito mode) . You can also print out your cards and play the old-school way.
Good luck!

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