Sorry ‘Game Of Thrones’ fans, winter isn’t coming after all. Viewers are absolutely livid with HBO GO because the program didn’t air the season 7 premiere episode on July 16. What the hell do we do now?!
SHAME, SHAME. If HBO GO were a character on Game Of Thrones, she’ d be walking naked to the sound of a bell right now. Fans are beyond furious with the streaming service because it crashed right in the middle of the season 7 premiere on July 16. Rightfully, the Twittersphere exploded with outraged messages and memes addressing the annoying situation. The show promised non-stop action now we’ ve been reunited with our favorite characters, including Daenerys’ voyage to Westeros, the unraveling discovery of Jon Snow’s birth parents, and Cersie’s reign over the Seven Kingdoms. Instead, what we got was a bunch of lame streaming parties with blank TV screens. Not cool.
Here’s what pissed off Game Of Thrones fans had to say about the HBO GO glitch. “Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by HBO Go, ” one wrote next to a scene from Mean Girls . “Ugh! I’ m up at dawn trying to watch GOT on HBO Go but it won’ t authorize, ” anther commented. The program hasn’ t officially addressed the outcry yet, but this is what their screen had to say, “Server returns with a non accepted status code.” WHAT THE EFF DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? ARE THEY SPEAKING VALYRIAN OR SOMETHING? This is more aggravating than watching Joffrey become king. We hope HBO GO gets poisoned. OK, thats’s too mean we take that back.
At least the season 7 premiere red carpet event in Los Angeles delivered without any hiccups! Kit Harington, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, and more all dazzled in their finest gowns and suits. Some even packed on the PDA in front of photographers! Jon’s love interest and girlfriend IRL Rose Leslie looked so elegant and beautiful in a floor-length black gown with gold embellishments. The only star that was sadly missing was Emilia Clarke.
HollywoodLifers, were YOU able to watch the GOT premiere before the crash?

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