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Here’s why Winnie the Pooh just got banned in China


The adorable “bear of very little brain” has run afoul of the largest nation on Earth
Winnie the Pooh, a fictional toy bear with more stuffing than sense, has been banned in the People’s Republic of China, a very real country and home to over 1.37 billion people. Certain mentions of the plush resident of the Hundred Acre Wood created by writer A. A. Milne have been banned from some social media platforms active in the country by state censors. At this time, the government of the state has given no specific reason for its digital war against the husky, yellow ursine, but experts say authorities may be reacting to the fact that Pooh has been used in various memes critical of president Xi Jinping., “Comparisons between Xi and Pooh first emerged in 2013, after Chinese social media users began circulating pictures of Pooh and his slender tiger friend Tigger beside, the US president at the time.

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