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Laptop ban lifted on US-bound flights for four airlines [Update]


Passengers aboard previously restricted flights to the US can now bring laptops and other large electronics inside the cabin.
Saudi Arabian Airlines passengers can now carry laptops and other devices larger than smartphones into the plane cabins, Reuters reports.
Airlines and airports have had to increase security measures in order to have the so-called laptop ban lifted, and a deadline of July 19 to meet additional new requirements is looming.
Passengers on Emirates, Turkish Airlines and Etihad flights bound for the US can now bring laptops and other large electronic devices inside the plane cabins.
This marks the lift of the ban on devices larger than a smartphone for the airlines. The so-called laptop ban was implemented in March for non-stop flights to the US leaving from 10 airports in eight countries.
Emirates flies to the US from Dubai, while Turkish Airlines is headquartered in Istanbul. It was announced on Sunday that Etihad, which departs to the US from Abu Dhabi, will now allow passengers to bring large electronics on board.
The electronics ban was put into effect because US intelligence indicated terrorist groups were creating explosives to be concealed inside large electronic device batteries, according to The New York Times. Banned devices included laptops, tablets, e-readers, portable game players and DVD players.
Tighter security measures at the airports where Emirates, Turkish Airlines and Etihad fly from are said to be in effect, reports the BBC .
It’s unclear if the ban at the remaining airports will be lifted anytime soon. The UK has a similar ban on electronic devices aboard direct flights from six countries which remains in effect. However, Turkish Airlines has indicated the UK ban may be lifted on its flights soon.

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