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Mark Hamill remembers 'super-cool space sis' Carrie Fisher at D23 Convention


The ‘Star Wars’ actor and his late co-star were both honored as Disney Legends at fan convention D23 Friday.
ANAHEIM, Calif. — When Mark Hamill accepted his Disney Legend award at the D23 convention Friday, he couldn’t help but think about how Carrie Fisher would act if she were there with him.
“I know if she were here this morning, she would’ ve flipped me the bird, at least twice already, ” he joked in front of a crowd of hundreds of Disney fans at the Anaheim Convention Center.
Hamill, who was honored with the Disney Legend trophy alongside Fisher, Oprah Winfrey, Stan Lee, Whoopi Goldberg and others, ended his acceptance speech with a tribute to the real-life Princess Leia, who died in Dec ember .
“I would love to give my deepest respects to the super-cool space sis I have in Carrie Frances Fisher, ” he said. “We were like siblings, the good and the bad. We’ d have huge fights, (saying) ‘You’ re such a phony, ‘ but we loved each other and what a great thrill it was to come back for The Force Awakens at that time in our lives. There’s a comfort level with each other. We could rely on each other, and there’s a deep respect.”
Backstage, he joked that Fisher’s “timing was impeccable, except in this case because she deserves to be around for her Emmy nomination (for Amazon show Catastrophe) and for Episode 8 and 9.”
As for Fisher’s role in the upcoming Star Wars films, Hamill said he didn’t know much.
“I can’ t cope without her so God knows what (Lucasfilm’s) going to do, but I’ m sure they’ ll find a way to honor her legacy and make her presence felt as strongly as they can in Episode 9 .”
During the Disney Legends presentation, Fisher was honored with a posthumous award, which was accepted by her daughter, Billie Lourd. Though Lourd couldn’t appear in person to see the trophy because she’s filming American Horror Story, she sent a letter on behalf of her mother. Disney president Bob Iger read Lourd’s note from the stage.
“As far back as I can remember, my mom and I have been Disney fanatics, ” she wrote. “I was so obsessed with Ariel that I wanted to change my name. We went to Disneyland so much, I realize she may have loved it more than I did. So becoming part of the Disney family was a truly amazing moment for her. She secretly always wanted to be a Disney princess, so getting to be a Disney princess and a Disney legend would’ ve been her ultimate dream. Thank you (and) may the force be with you always.”
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