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Microsoft Flow and PowerApps get updates; admins get more control


Microsoft Flow and PowerApps services, launched earlier this year, are getting updates with new capabilities and expanded partnerships. Admins using the services are also getting “granular control”.
Microsoft announced today the addition of new features and capabilities to its Flow and PowerApps services, that were launched a few months ago. The new features expand integration with Microsoft’s other services and allow third parties to better use their own services on top of Microsoft’s offerings.
Microsoft Flow is an IFTTT-type service that lets users create different uses and rules among independent services, such as when one condition is true an action is triggered in another service. As of today, Flow will enable easier customization and configuration of apps and workflows. Administrators will have more “granular control” over their implementations, and end-users should have an easier time with the rich automation capabilities.
Meanwhile, PowerApps is a service that lets businesses and other SaaS clients create and deploy their own software on top of Microsoft’s platform without the need for coding. Starting next week, PowerApps, which now has more than 200 certified partners, will start supporting packaging, “a means of easily deploying solutions across environments and tenants”.
In addition, Microsoft announced it’s expanding access to Flow and PowerApps by enabling partners and independent software vendors (ISVs) to build connectors and workflows from their own apps into the PowerApps and Flow platforms.
Source: Microsoft

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