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Trump meets with Chinese leader, says there will be success in North Korea 'one way or the other'


The Trump administration has been putting pressure on China to leverage its influence over North Korea.
President Trump thanked China on Saturday for its work to mitigate North Korean aggression, a notable turn from his recent complaints about China’s efforts, and predicted success on the issue “one way or the other.”
Trump met with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the tail-end of the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, where the U. S. leader exclaimed that the two “developed a wonderful relationship.”
At the beginning of their remarks, Trump expressed his gratitude to Xi for China’s efforts to curb North Korea’s nuclear and missile-testing activity. “I appreciate the things that you have done relative to the very substantial problem that we all face in North Korea, a problem that something has to be done about, ” Trump said.
“It may take longer than I’d like, it may take longer that you’d like, ” he said, adding “but there will be success in the end one way or the other, ” according to a White House press pool report.
North Korea test fired what the Pentagon said was an intercontinental ballistic missile on Tuesday, sparking a fresh wave of international condemnation and push for sanctions.

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