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Twitter Reacts To Trump's 'Disappointment In China' Tweets


Many Twitter users wrote that while Trump criticized China on Twitter, he himself has helped the Asian nation promote trade with the U. S.
In a pair of tweets Saturday, President Donald Trump expressed his disappointment with China over North Korea firing an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) Friday that appears to have the range to reach most major U. S. cities. Trump also accused past U. S. leaders of allowing trade worth billions of dollar to happen with Beijing, despite it not taking any measures to curb Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions.
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Twitter users were quick to react to Trump’s comments, with most criticizing him for his double standards and pointing out he and his daughter Ivanka Trump have helped the Asian country in promoting trade with America.
Some of the users expressed disappointment in the commander-in-chief for just tweeting about the issue and not taking any concrete steps to tackle it.
Trump in his tweet indicated his helpnessness over the issue, hinting at policies made by former President Barack Obama. Some users latched on to this and said the attitude revealed his insecurity.
However, there were some who appreciated Trump and criticized Obama’s policies.
The president’s response came a day after North Korea claimed to have conducted another ICBM launch and termed it a “stern warning” for the U.

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