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Microsoft releases Windows 10 S to developers


Redmond warns of driver compatibility issues for regular end users – report., Operating Systems
Redmond warns of driver compatibility issues for regular end users – report. Microsoft has made Windows 10 S available to developers and professionals to try out almost three months after first revealing the education-focused operating system, reports. The Windows 10 S code is to Visual Studio subscribers in 32-bit and 64-bit, and Microsoft plans to make these ISO files available to Windows Education edition customers at some point this week, said. These users will be able to use an Update Assistant tool to convert Windows 10 into Windows 10 S. However, an emailed statement seen by the publication warns there are some issues for non-developers relating to driver compatibility. “Because it’s a raw ISO link with limited installation guidance, only working on specific devices and versions of Windows 10 or in virtualised machines, this is very much meant only for developers and IT pros – not consumers to broadly download/switch to Windows 10 S, ” Microsoft warned. Windows 10 S has so far been marketed as a more lightweight version of the operating system, with Microsoft releasing its new Surface Laptops with it preinstalled earlier this year. However, it wil also allow users with 10 S to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro free of charge. Because of its simplicity, the operating system is aimed primarily at schools and student users, with CEO Satya Nadella saying at the time of launch: “Technology should make teachers’ lives simpler and spark students’ creativity, not detract from it. This is a top priority we are focused on at Microsoft – to deliver streamlined platforms, readily available to all classrooms, so teachers spend less time focused on technology and more time doing what they love: inspiring students.”

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