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Of course Fox News is going to start praising Donald Trump’s Afghanistan speech


Trump read a vague speech from a teleprompter that promised continued war in Afghanistan, pleasing media members VIDEO
President Trump gave a vague, incoherent Monday on his new military strategy for the war in Afghanistan. The president stuck to his teleprompter and used words that signaled America’s military might. That was enough to please pundits on Fox News. Fox News commentator Dana Perino, for example, called Trump’s prepared remarks a “great speech.” “What he decided was that leaving was worse than staying, so we’ re going to stay, and he says we’ re going to win, ” she said. Fox News military analyst Jack Keane said he was “impressed” following the speech “because we finally got a commander-in-chief who speaks honestly.” Sean Hannity, for his part, said the speech was perfect. “The speech was also delivered perfectly, the right tone, the right cadence, the right pitch, ” he said on his show Monday. John Bolton, President George W. Bush’s onetime U. N. ambassador, told Hannity Monday night: “I think much of what the president said is exactly right.” Bolton somehow determined that Trump’s plan will bring about significant changes from the previous administration. “I think this is a dramatic change from the Obama administration. That’s probably the most important thing, ” he said.

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