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The 7 best Chromebooks of 2017: the top Chromebooks ranked


We’ve searched far and wide for only the best Chromebook you can buy.
In case you’ ve been living under a rock for the past few years, Chromebooks have shaken the budget laptop scene to its core. Rather than focusing on souped-up processors and a high-performance apps, the top Chromebooks are more concerned with power efficiency.
The Chromebook’s identity has shifted in the years following the initial launch of the Samsung Series 5 and its coconspirator, the Acer AC700, however. These days, Chromebooks even feature Android apps, by way of the Google Play Store.
Though you won’ t be able to use eye-tracking or mixed reality like Windows 10 users can, ranging from around $199 (about £154, AU$266) to $499 (around £388, AU$668) , the best Chromebook is affordable without compromising on performance and build quality.
To help you sort through the options, we’ ve formulated a list below of only the top Chromebooks you can buy in 2017:
Premium Chromebook specs, economic Chromebook pricing
Before the Asus Chromebook Flip came around, pickings were slim when it came to affordable Chromebooks sporting full-on Intel Core processors and full HD 1080p displays. Touchscreens, backlit keyboards and USB-C ports were also an anomaly. But, of course, the Asus Chromebook Flip brought all of these facets to life. Compared to what’s offered by the competition, the Asus Chromebook Flip’s value is unparalleled, and that’s without getting into its pristine tablet mode, which blows other hybrids completely out of the water.
Cultivating the marriage of Chrome OS and Android
When Google revealed that Android apps would make their way to Chromebooks, it was only a matter of time before Samsung mastered its convergence of the two OSs. Toting a 12.3-inch QHD touchscreen and a 360-degree hinge, the Samsung Chromebook Pro is widely acclaimed for its built-in stylus – the first of its kind to be featured in a Chromebook. Not only does it beat out a vast majority of laptops in its own category, but it’s better than most Android slates as well, our qualms with the speakers and keyboard aside.
Dell’s updated Chromebook is a star in almost every regard
On the Dell Chromebook 11, you’ll find a 180-degree reinforced hinge, sturdy design, sealed keyboard and trackpad and a punchy typing experience accompanying a perfectly portable package. Not only adequately suited for school and work, the Dell Chromebook 11 even packs a set of loud stereo speakers for listening to music or watching videos. Everyone else will appreciate the its ability to lay flat on its 180-degree barrel hinge. Don’ t worry about dinging it, either, as this device remains the most rugged Chromebook on our list.
The colossus of Chromebooks
Unlike most in its class, this Chromebook is blessed with a 15.6-inch Full HD screen made better only by its optional Intel Core i5 processor. You probably won’t need all that power on a Chromebook (luckily, there’s a newer, even cheaper model that’s been available since October) , but it sure is nice to have the option. When it comes to larger Chromebooks, there isn’ t much selection, but Acer has come out with a unique exception to this limited trend. Even if it’s packing a few extra pounds, the Acer Chromebook 15 is ace.
360-degree flips for days
The Acer Chromebook R11 won’ t be winning any fashion shows any time soon, but it’s won our hearts over if only for keeping it classy. Among the first Chromebooks to support Android apps by way of the Google Play Store, the Chromebook R11 even pioneered a whole world of additional functionality for Chrome OS. Exhibiting an all-day battery life, top-notch performance and a 360-degree hinge with a touchscreen, the Acer Chromebook R11 is worth writing home about – and it won’ t break the bank either, thereby making its flaws that much easier to swallow.
Striking optimal balance between value and design
The HP Chromebook 14 is practically the posterchild for Chromebooks. Its rock-bottom starting price and zippy interpretation of Chrome OS only begin to exemplify its appeal. While Acer’s Chromebook 15 serves up similar components, HPs’ 14-incher is a bit more compact and better looking to boot. Embellished with a bright blue finish and a screen devised to surprise, this machine boasts the best value out of every Chromebook you could buy. Albeit average in both battery life and performance, the HP Chromebook 14 remains a sublime value nonetheless.
Flashy and functional, this Chromebook means business
The HP Chromebook 13 goes above and beyond what any of us would expect from a Chromebook. You’ re guaranteed at least a 1440p screen, two USB-C ports and, if you’re willing to shell out just a bit more cash, you can also snatch yourself an Intel Core-M processor rather than a Pentium. All of this is complemented by incredible style and a metallic design that exudes Pixel influence. Given that Google discontinued its own Chromebook earlier in the year, the HP Chromebook 13 is one of the few remaining alternatives.

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