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Rooftop eclipse watch party in Nashville Video


ABC News’ chief meteorologist Ginger Zee reports from Tootsies in Tennessee.
Ginger zee in Nashville. Changes been waiting for this all afternoon and it’s like it’s approaching isn’t it injure one minute ten sec. Above us right now but I gotta tell you everybody has poured out. I want each month and they are standing in the street ready for the moment of their life we really aren’t Sunday night at. And you gonna come down to the wire where play and take a lot like yeah Iowa. I love you hearing all of the coverage at love seeing it here at we’ve been lots and everybody else you came all the way brown. Lowell late in the UK. Very good evening that he come and needed and. And we argued that the moments away and that clouded. And help close to Nathan at a contract Monday its presence all away. We’ll have a full I think miles and meetings and what you’ve done right now. We’re out how do you feel right now. May is named I don’t company that it’s a religious experience it hill says that it’s gone to nighttime feel very good because it looked down at. I. Temperature in England yeah. I’m back out. We are spelled plus I’m telling David this image above us. Is not yet stunning because it is almost heartbreaking at this point out that we still have time but that’s just a couple of seconds yet you can see the lights here in Nashville from art thrown above. The party’s ongoing no matter what happens you can feel the and it. Feel the excitement I can see the heat in the sky the paint and almost as if it is just my life. Here and my it’s coming back we’re starting to see the ads that the clouds light up again. Love. NBC we look into this skies we art and the light is coming back blinding so far we meant that you liked and not right. Or. Yeah. The lightning evening at mount. I can’t hear you Damon. And I will head back and milk if something again. As daylight re appears there and now spell but. If there’s never a happy city in this country it’s Nashville they can handle a few clouds and you’re helping to usher them right through that unified state capitals including maps and today. I have a hurricane I can feel the energy of nature and I’ve been really fortunate to be in that happened and be able to see very close up tornadoes in the fast as people are describing what they’re feeling. So the strains joy when you see a tornado that not affecting anyone when nature has that Holler. When it has that energy and I think that’s what a lot of people are straight to despite here. Even we can see the Kirk muscular rays coming period see those angelic rays coming through those clouds. The temperature has dropped already at least seven degrees just about neat let’s that is passing. Even if we didn’t see that full image here in Nashville it was still such a gorgeous moment and it’s almost like Brett sunrise again thank here and I haven’t. It says that we an entire day like every.
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