A bird finds a moving perch in a subway station.
Dear Diary:
The Q train arrived at the station, and I got off and headed for the exit. I noticed that a pigeon and a young woman were walking in the same direction.
Suddenly, the pigeon spread its wings and took off. I could see that it intended to roost on the woman’s head. I tried to tell her, but she did not react, so the pigeon did indeed perch atop her.
Without hesitating, travel mug in hand, I swatted at the pigeon to chase it off the woman’s head. All three of us — including, I am certain, the pigeon — had surprised looks on our faces.
Then, just before the train I’ d gotten off left the station, the bird flew through its closing doors.
“I’ m sorry, ” I thought to myself. “I was only trying to help.”

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