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Chuck from “Better Call Saul” on the nuance of his role


“Better Call Saul” has 9 Emmy nominations, actor Michael McKean talks the layers of Chuck
“Better Call Saul” secured nine Emmy nominations this year, including “Best Drama Series” and “Best Drama Actor.” Actor Michael McKean, who plays Chuck, joined Salon Talks with Alli Joseph before the season three premiere in April to discuss the nuance of his character and the division between the lead characters. “Here’s the dichotomy: I made mama proud, Jimmy made her laugh,” McKean said. “I really think that’s part of it. And of course, the other end of it is, ‘what do you mean you’re a lawyer? I’m the lawyer here in this family. You’re not even a legit lawyer.’” McKean went on to explain that while he can recognize Jimmy is likable, in Chuck’s world, that’s not enough. He doesn’t think that merits “currency in this world,” he said. “I’m a guy who learned the textbooks back and forth, I can quote you case law.”

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