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Cleveland Browns Favored Against Colts


There are many things that NFL coaches could do that would be deemed a fireable offense.
There are many things that NFL coaches could do that would be deemed a fireable offense.
Mistreatment of players by compromising their health is one example. Another would be a DUI, resulting in a bad look for the franchise. Arguably (slightly joking) the most fireable offense of all would be opening up as home underdogs to the Cleveland Browns.
That’s exactly where Colts head coach Chuck Pagano has led his team. I know, I know, the wise guys in Vegas aren’t supposed to dictate the job security of an NFL head coach, but they most definitely should. Unlike fans and NFL owners, odds makers don’t make decisions based on human emotion. There’s a reason sports books stay in business – they’re usually right.
So, when was the last time the Cleveland Browns were road favorites you ask? October 2014, against the then 0-6 Jacksonville Jaguars.
The Indianapolis Colts are a complete mess. This is the fourth season in a row that Chuck Pagano’s Colts have started 0-2. Questions surround star quarterback Andrew Luck on multiple fronts. There is literally no timetable for a possible return to the field as he continues to recover from offseason shoulder surgery. Also, rumors are swirling regarding his unhappiness with the organization, who have failed to provide him with a competent offensive line that ultimately led to his injury problems in the first place.
This past offseason, Colts owner Jim Irsay fired GM Ryan Grigson – who bares much of the responsibility for the current dilemma the team finds themselves in. But, Pagano is just as at fault. You would be hard-pressed to find a single game in which he wasn’t out-coached, or his team didn’t look unprepared and inferior.
Chuck Pagano should have been canned immediately after this play call from 2015:
If the Colts do lose to the Cleveland Browns at home on Sunday, owner Jim Irsay needs to think long and hard about making a change in head coach. Things clearly aren’t working for Chuck Pagano in Indianapolis, and Andrew Luck knows it.
It’s time to stop wasting Luck. If not, Irsay’s luck — whatever is left — may soon run out.

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