Demi Lovato teases new music and opens up about sobriety in this exclusive interview!
Demi Lovato ‘s new album Tell Me You Love Me drops Sept. 29, and we asked all about it at The Brent Shapiro Foundation for Drug Prevention Summer Spectacular on Sept. 9 in Beverly Hills, CA, where the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer was being honored for her sobriety. Good news: there’s at least one epic collaboration coming!
“I’ m really excited about a song called ‘Lonely, ‘” Demi told us. She explained that it’s a team effort, but added: “I can’ t tell you who’s on it!” When pressed for deets, Demi did confirm that it’s a male rapper. (Start speculating in the comments, Lovatics!) Furthermore, Demi shared that each song on Tell Me You Love Me will tell an “individual” story. Can’ t wait!
Demi also opened up about celebrating her sobriety, which reached a five-year milestone in March. “ It feels amazing to be honored tonight, ” she told us. “Being sober has just become a part of my lifestyle, so to be awarded for that is incredible! I do work on it every single day, everyday is a battle and you have to take it one day at a time. Some days are easier than others and some days you forget about drinking and using but for me I work on my physical health which is important but my mental health as well, ” she added. “I see a therapist twice a week and make sure I stay on my medications. I go to AA meetings. I do what I can physically, I am in the gym. I make it a priority!”
HollywoodLifers, are you pumped for Demi’s new album?

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