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Hurricane Irma, storm Maria have their own music


As Tropical Storm Maria circulates in waters already stirred by Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean, here’s a lighthearted playlist of Maria songs.
Sick of your Irma song playlist by now?
Given that there are not that many songs with Irma in the name it certainly wouldn’t have taken too long to run through the few, like The Magnetic Fields’ ballad, “Irma,” that some of the most Spotify- and iTunes-addicted among you might have used as background music during your storm prep.
Our favorite? Probably the bouncy reggae ditty, “Hurricane Irma Song,” by an unknown artist on YouTube. Gotta love the composer’s quick inspiration and the song’s catchy refrain: “Hurricane Irma/Better get what you need.”
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And now the wind is called Maria. So you’d better get what you need.
National Hurricane Center forecasters say Tropical Storm Maria is ominously behaving similarly to Irma. There’s that west-northwest path toward Caribbean islands that were already battered by Irma. Florida is in its sights (though still way too soon to predict its impact, if any, on the U. S.). There are also nerve-rattling and similar fueling conditions — low wind shear, a warm ocean and very moist air.
In a bid for lighthearted entertainment ideas, might we suggest a handful of Maria songs as you once again keep your eye on the tropics?
▪ Blondie, “Maria.” As Deborah Harry sings the hook, “Maria, you’ve gotta see her/Go insane and out of your mind,” our initial thought to the first part of that line is, “Oh, hell no, we don’t gotta see this Maria at all.” The “go insane and out of your mind” part, however, is exactly how we’re feeling now.
▪ Santana (Featuring The Product G&B), “Maria, Maria.” “Then I looked up in the sky/Hoping for days of paradise.” We hear you, Carlos. We’re looking. We’re looking.
▪ Leonard Bernstein/Stephen Sondheim, “Maria (From ‘West Side Story’).” I’ve just met a girl named Maria/And suddenly that name/Will never be the same.” For all that is holy and just, please Maria, don’t tarnish the good name of Maria for folks in the Caribbean and Florida.
▪ Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria (From ‘The Sound of Music’). If we only knew.
▪ Ricky Martin, “Maria.” The Spanish lyrics translate to: “This is Maria/So hot and cold/That if you drink it for sure it will kill you/One, two, three/A little step by step Maria.” Ok, Ricky. That’s just a bit too dramatic.
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