“I’ ve called it ‘Singing in a Hurricane.’ And one of my favorite movies is ‘Singin in the Rain, ‘ so this just my version.”
“Frozen” actress Kristen Bell has made the most of her time while trapped in Orlando waiting out Hurricane Irma — entertaining her fellow evacuees with songs and hugs.
“Look, we’ re all here. We’ re not going to change this hurricane, ” Bell told “Good Day Sacramento” and KMAX-TV, where her dad is news director. “Everybody’s kind of making lemonade.”
Bell, in town shooting a movie, has been busy visiting schools and evacuation centers lending her voice to anyone who can use a smile. She was the voice behind the Anna character in the 2013 blockbuster Disney flick.
“I’ ve called it ‘Singing in a Hurricane,’ ” Bell said. “And one of my favorite movies is ‘Singin in the Rain,’ so this just my version. It’s a little more intense than I thought it would be.”
Despite the gloom and destruction outside, Bell, 37, said evacuees on the inside are putting on a brave face.
“We’ re making it work. I’ m going to call some bingo later on this afternoon, ” she said.
“It’s sort of sad that it takes a natural disaster to bring out the best in people. But that’s truly what I’ ve seen. I mean everybody is helping everyone here.”
Bell’s social media is filled with images of evacuees, many of them senior citizens, entertaining themselves during the storm.
She was particularly fond a senior citizen who sang “You Are My Sunshine” with her.
Bell tweeted at her husband, actor Dax Shepard, “this is john. My side piece in orlando. I hope u understand. Im powerless over a man who serenades me.”

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