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Chinese buyers fleeced in Australian wool scam


Bales of high-quality wool switched for inferior product, risking damage to reputation of export industry
The theft of high-end Australian wool destined for China is under investigation, authorities said on Wednesday, as customers end up with lower-grade produce in a scam threatening the industry’s reputation.
Australia is the world’s number one producer of premium-quality fine wool and the largest producer of all wools by value and volume, with China the dominant source of global demand.
Police in the state of Victoria said there had been a number of wool-tampering incidents dating back to May, with complaints of bales in Melbourne being switched for an inferior product.
Why is Australia talking tough about major trade partner China?
Detective Inspector Jamie Templeton said the racket was being treated “extremely” seriously.
“This is not only due to the total value of the wool stolen but also the potential damage it poses to the Australian export industry,” he said, without saying how much had been stolen.

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