Facebook kills off Messenger Day by merging it with Stories
Looks like Facebook is finally tired of giving users additional ways to share video stories – it’s finally killing Messenger Day and instead merging it with Facebook Stories. Currently, Facebook offers users four different options to share daily updates, viz Instagram Stories, Whatsapp status updates, Messenger Day and Facebook Stories.
Facebook had launched Messenger Day after an initial test run indicated that users would use the feature extensively. However, it didn’t really take off with the masses who were already spoilt for choice. Facebook claimed that Messenger Day, which was a clone of Snapchat’s signature feature, had 70 million daily active users in September this year, against 300 million users on Instagram Stories. Messenger will continue to offer users the ability to post these updates, but will call them Stories instead of Messenger Day.
Facebook product manager Connor Hayes said, “ We needed to make it easier for people to share Stories across different apps. Some people actually thought these experiences were already connected. We feel like it would make sense.” Both apps will still be a bit different in the sense that the Facebook camera offers augmented reality masks and effects similar to Snapchat, Messenger’s camera is focused on captions, stickers and doodling on the image.
Stories will let users post updates which last for 24 hours, in either Facebook or Messenger. And while Stories will appear in both apps, you won’t see have to watch the same story again, because viewing will be synced across both apps. The company has also been working on cross posting Instagram stories to Facebook Stories, and has already started rolling out the feature to some users. While you can’t post Facebook Stories to Instagram yet, it might be happen in the near future.
Facebook is still betting on Story adoption by users, by encouraging event collaborations. Users can share stories for events that they attend, and a collage of their pictures and videos will appear in the Stories feed. Meanwhile, Facebook Direct, another Snapchat-inspired feature, has also been given the boot – it will instead let users send these messages via Messenger. Privacy controls have been added for Stories as well, so that users can restrict who sees the updates. They will be able to send it to individual users, specific groups or share with everyone, as per their requirements.

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