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On Saturday, The Alabama Political Reporter’s Brandon Moseley appeared on “CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin” to defend Roy Moore amidst the mounting allegations of sexual abuse against him.
It did not, as they say, go well.
Baldwin introduced Moseley as “someone who sides with Roy Moore” and who “just wrote an opinion piece on why he believes Roy Moore.”
Moore, now the Republican candidate in Alabama for U. S. Senator, had been accused by four women of sexual abuse or misconduct at the time of the interview; one of them, Leigh Corfman, was just 14 years old when the incident allegedly occurred in 1979. On Monday, another woman named Beverly Nelson came out to accuse Roy Moore of sexual assault when she was 16.
The interview started off with Baldwin asking Moseley why he supports Moore, to which he responded in part: “I’ve known Roy Moore, I’ve known Roy Moore for 20 years . .. I think if this was a serious — if these allegations were out there and they were serious — I probably would’ve heard them.”
Baldwin followed up by asking why Moseley didn’t think these allegations were “serious.”
“They’re 38-year-old allegations,” Moseley responded. “This would be a misdemeanor at the time under the code of Alabama. The statute’s been up since ’86. If you go back and you don’t elect anyone who’s ever done anything wrong, we wouldn’t have had Barack Obama. I think he did cocaine. Bill Clinton supposedly smoked marijuana.”

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