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Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Level Up Faster and Gain XP Quicker


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has some tough enemies, so you’ll want to gain XP quickly so you can level up fast. Here’s the way to farm XP and get bonus levels.
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has the stat system of a traditional RPG, which means one of your priorities will be to level up fast. Enemies in areas aren’t leveled to the player, so you’ll be seeing some powerful foes right out of the gate. To get XP quickly in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 though, you’ll need to actually be a high enough level to beat the enemies you encounter, so the faster you level up in new areas, the better.
We’ll show you how to level up your characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 quickly, and how to find good areas for farming XP.
When it comes to leveling up your part in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, you really have to be cautious. There is no leveled enemy tables like you’d see in a game like Skyrim, so it’s possible to run into a level 90 enemy in an area you first enter at level 10. As long as you fight the enemies that are around your level that you find in the world, you should be leveling quick enough that finishing the main story isn’t an issue, but if you want to explore everywhere the game has to offer, you’ll need to find a way to level up faster.
Gaining levels in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 comes down to grinding. Though the side quests you find in the various settlements in the game give you a little XP, combat is the only way to get a steady stream. Luckily, there’s no shortage of enemies in the wilds you travel through, so there’s always a chance to gain extra XP if you want it.
To get levels quickly, you’ll want to target enemies that are at, or slightly below your current level. If you’re fighting enemies that have a much lower level, you’re just wasting time, and if they’re far higher, then you’re going to get killed. Fights can take awhile in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, so you’ll want to use any advantage over your foes you can get. Keep an eye out for a symbol next to an enemies name card which indicates their elemental weakness. Additionally, you’ll want to get good at chaining combo attacks, and inflicting status effects on enemies.
The best way to grind out XP quickly in this game is the find a nice big area that has plenty of enemies around your level. In each chapter, there’s usually a few new locations introduced that fit this bill. You’ll also want to make sure these groups of enemies are spaced out. It’s okay to take on a few enemies around your level, but if you’re not careful you’ll get stuck in a chain where you’re fighting and you just keep aggroing more and more nearby foes. This is a bad thing, and you’ll likely end up getting overwhelmed or aggroing a higher level enemy that can one-shot you.
Once you find your special farming area, just start taking down enemies. An important aspect that can help leveling is Bonus XP, which you gain as you defeat enemies. Bonus XP can help you gain extra levels, but you can only use it if you stay at an inn for a short rest. For every hour or so of grinding you do, you should stay at an inn to check how many bonus levels you receive.
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