“…for what you did to these women.”
On Tuesday, producer Harvey Weinstein and his sober coach sat down for a meal at Elements restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Steve, a fellow restaurant patron, told TMZ that after he was seated next to Weinstein, he approached him and asked to take a photo.
He claimed the producer became “belligerent” at the request, but the restaurant manager offered a different version of events.
She told TMZ that Weinstein was actually “very sweet about it” and told the man, “I’d rather not take a picture right now.” At which point, the two shook hands and Steve returned to his seat.
The two parties got up to leave the restaurant at the same time, and after Steve had “quite a bit to drink,” he told his friend to start recording a video on his phone.
In the video, Weinstein’s sober coach holds his hand up to the camera and repeatedly says, “Don’t do that.”
As the two walk toward the restaurant’s exit, Steve calls Weinstein a “piece of sh*t for what you did to these women” and tells him to “get the f**k out of here.”
He also slapped him in the face with the back of his hand twice.
According to TMZ, Weinstein declined an offer to call the police and left the restaurant.
Watch below.

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