William, 35, joked that his younger brother’s delay in asking him to be part of his wedding party “could be a sensitive subject.”
Transcript for Prince William says Prince Harry hasn’t asked him to be best man ‘yet’
news” this morning, the royal wedding just four months away. What are you wearing, robin? Prince Harry still hasn’t asked his big brother to be best man. What is going on, people? So prince William is telling a uk radio host he told them yesterday that he’s waiting and that it’s becoming a sensitive subject in the family. He said that jokingly. But on a separate note here’s prince William looking like he’s fresh off the set of “Grey’s anatomy.” The future king of England spending yesterday observing robotic surgical procedures on cancer patients at the royal Marsden hospital. He said it looked like a very high-tech version of playing video games. I would say life-saving video games.
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