WhatsApp suddenly started showing an error message that it is obsolete and that users need to update the app to start using it. However, there was no option to update the app and many users ended up installing the app. Here is a simple fix to resolve the WhatsApp obsolete error, so just checkout the same.
WhatsApp is a prime messaging app is used by over one billion users across the world. Apparently, a small outage or bug in the platform will affect many users. After the outage issue caused on the New Year’s Eve, the next one that has affected many WhatsApp users is said to be the error message stating that WhatsApp is obsolete on January 13,2018 and that a new version has to be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
Many users who received this error message have taken to Twitter to vent out their frustration. The error asks users to update the app and gives a link to the Google Play Store for the same. However, the Play Store does not show any option to update but just displays uninstall and open options. Eventually, users are not able to download the latest version of the app as claimed by the message as there is no such update.
Apart from this, the app states that the affected users are in a beta testing program and provides them an option to leave the beta program. And, there is no respite on tapping this option, claim the users. Moreover, not all users who faced the issue are not the beta testers of WhatsApp.

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