The NYPD and Secret Service are investigating the package, which was postmarked Boston.
Transcript for Trump’s daughter-in-law goes to hospital after opening letter containing white powder
And we begin with those two headlines tonight. President trump under fire, defending his formese aide, but many now asking, will he deliver any message of support for the women? First, that scare for president trump’s family. Don jr.’s wife and two others take on the hospital, after opening an envelope, wide power inside. The note was postmarked Boston and expressed anger toward trump Jr. Reportedly addressing the son directly. ABC’s gio Benitez leading us off. Reporter: Tonight, the secret service and the NYPD are investigating a suspicious package sent to Donald Trump Jr. His wife Vanessa opening a letter to find a white powder inside. She called 911 just after 10:00 A. M., telling police she was feeling dizzy. Respond to 44th, suspicious substance. Reporter: Firefighters treating Vanessa trump and two others there at the family’s New York apartment before taking them to the hospital, where they had tests done as a precaution. The powder later deemed non-hazardous. Donald Trump Jr. Tweeting late today, “Thankful that Vanessa and my children are safe and unharmed after the incredibly scary situation that occurred this morning. Truly disgusting that certain individuals choose to express their opposing views with such disturbing behavior.” The white house reacting this afternoon. I know the president spoke with her. Beyond that, at this point, it’s an ongoing and active investigation, so, I can’t comment any further. But I can say that the president has spoken with her within the last hour. Reporter: It’s not the first time. In March 2016, a package with white powder was sent to the president’s other son, Eric, the powder alsononhazardous. And in April of that year, a suspicious white powder was found inside an envelope sent to the president’s campaign office, addressed to Mr. Trump himself. That substance turned out to be harmless, too. Tonight, Ivanka Trump tweeting a message of support to sister-in-law. “Thinking of @mrsvanessatrump and wishing I was by her side today. No one deserves to be frightened this way. There is no excuse.” And gio Benitez with us live tonight from New York. What more do we know about the package and who sent it? Reporter: Well, David, again, all we know right now is that it was postmarked in Boston and that it had a very angry letter directed at don Jr. No doubt, this is just the
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