“Working for the White House is basically like being in a ‘Saw movie,” Noah joked on Tuesday’s “The Daily Show” after Rex Tillerson was fired
Another Tuesday means another high profile exit from Donald Trump’s White House — this time, as you’re probably aware, it was Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who was fired via tweet by Trump Tuesday morning. Naturally, that being the big news of the day and the continuation of the unprecedented turnover rate in the Trump Administration, Trevor Noah spent a large chunk of the opening segment of “The Daily Show” Tuesday night cracking jokes about it.
“President Trump has fired secretary of state and human grumpy cat Rex Tillerson. And this just continues an unprecedented run of people quitting or getting fired from the Trump Administration. Think about it, we’re not even 14 months in and look at all the people we’ve lost,” Noah said as he displayed a CNN graphic showing 42 people who have quit or been fired from the Trump White House. “This is like ‘Saving Private Ryan’ numbers over here. This is a s— ton of people.”
Noah then noted that while Tillerson was the big name making an exit on Tuesday, two other White House staffers were also shown the door that day.
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“Rex was only one of three people who were fired today. Yeah, his aide was fired for explaining how Tillerson was fired, and Trump’s personal assistant was fired for possible financial crimes,” Noah said. “Yeah, working for the White House is basically like being in a ‘Saw’ movie. You show up, get tortured for a while and get killed off. That’s how it works. But of course there is the president whose catch phrase is literally ‘You’re fired” didn’t have the balls or the decency to tell Rex Tillerson the news to his face.”
Noah then, like every other late night host on Tuesday, clowned Trump for firing Tillerson in a tweet announcing his replacement. Later, though, was Noah’s best joke on this topic, about how while Tillerson may have been a terrible secretary of state, he’s a pretty good husband — the only reason he took the job in the first place was because his wife asked him to.
“Some wives ask their man to take out the garbage — this wife asked Tillerson to live in it. That’s the most devoted husband right there. That’s like the dopest thing for wife to brag about,” Noah said. “‘Oh your husband brought you flowers? My husband works for Trump because I asked him to. But daises are cute, too. You do you, girl.’”
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Noah then got serious for a moment, noting that it was probably a good thing Tillerson got fired but he did have one single excellent moment during his time as secretary of state.
“When Tillerson first took the job a lot of people dissed him because he had no diplomatic experience, and he was the only cabinet member with a resting ‘I have s— on my shoe’ face. And you know what, those people turned out to be right,” Noah said. “Tillerson was a bad secretary of state, he defended deep budget cuts to his department, he left many important positions unfilled and his weak leaderships had career diplomats leaving in droves. But even though he was a disaster overall, we should still be able to celebrate his greatest achievements.”
Then Noah cued a video titled “Rex Tillerson’s Greatest Achievements,” which consisted entirely of news reports about the time last year when Tillerson allegedly called Trump “a f—ing moron.”
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To watch this portion of Tuesday’s episode of “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,” check out the video embedded at the top of this post.

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